We turn FMCG data into knowledge

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We unlock the knowledge behind product data

MidiadiaTECH is a cloud-based product data engine that helps retailers and brands unlock the knowledge behind their product data

We translate raw product data into attributtes and smart insights over own algorithms, providing a deep understanding of retailers assortment and brands product set

Helping retailers to personalize customers shopping experience

MidiadiaTECH helps retailers increase shoppers loyalty by making product data more affordable and easy yo understand

Our exclusive insights and product scores enable retailers to offer personalized experience to their shoppers, focused on their interests, (health, nutrition, environment, allergies, product quality)

Helping brands better understand their product set

MidiadiaTECH is commited to provide brands a deep understanding of their set of products and a product data view as a competitive surveillance tool

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And access to structured and interactive information on nutrition